Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I, The Frustrated Wanna-be Traveller Slash Adventurer

I'm no expert traveler. I have not traveled to a LOT of places. I don't get to use every single weekend to go on a trip. I rarely have money on hand whenever a plane ticket sale suddenly starts. When they do, I'd usually check for flights but stop clicking on Continue after I see how much it would cost me. Pampagulo lang ako sa mga nagta-try mag-book, sorry guys!

As I said, I'm no expert on going on trips. A friend of mine is. She's been to a lot of places. She knows how to pack efficiently, how to research and create a strict itinerary. She is a traveler, not a tourist, you might say. I admire her for it and I envy the places she's been to. I've always dreamed of going on a trip with just one overnight bag and a small purse. That would totally be a sign that I'm thinner. Because right now, I'd probably carry 2 overnight bags or 1 big suitcase. My tops and bottoms take up a lot of space. Either carry a lot or wash clothes every night while on vacation. Who the hell wants that, right?!

This friend of mine taught me about researching on the internet before going somewhere. Checking where to go and the best time to go. Are there entrance fees, extra charges, what NOT to wear. What transportation can be used, to always carry a ziplock bag (I honestly didn't know about the ziplock thing at airports), not to carry liquid, things like that. I'm lucky I get to learn it from her and not learn on the spot. Would be embarrassing, noh?

I get so envious whenever people would post pictures of them being in a cave, a forest, a secluded beach, a mountain, a volcano, etc. Or pictures showing them underwater, feeding the fishies, swimming with the whale shark, bungee-jumping, zip-lining, spelunking, trekking, holding a starfish, a hermit crab, a frog, a bug, etc.

I can imagine myself doing these things. Suuuurrreee. *wink* *wink*

The thing is, I'm a little afraid of crawly creatures or flying ones. Frogs, black starfishies, lizards, roaches, flying moths, giant mosquitoes, bats, geckos, things that breathe that I don't recognize as non-biting or non-poisonous. Okay, a LOT afraid. I'm also a little afraid of heights. My knees shake when I'm at a high spot looking down. I would try snorkeling but I'll easily surrender (wasting what I paid for) as soon as some suspicious, scary-looking thing comes at me. I definitely don't know about doing a bungee jump. I feel I'd have a heart attack even before I hit that upside-down position, or maybe pass out (missing out on the view and the experience and certainly nothing as close as a bungee jump bragging right).

My friends already know this about me. I would get jumpy and icky and really nervous. I once tried snorkeling and there was a small sea snake (which they said doesn't bite) near my friend, in the water with us. Once I saw it, I snapped. I screamed and screamed like I'm going to die. I kept yelling, "Ilayo nyo kooooooo! (Pull me away!!!)"  And the snake wasn't even facing me, it was facing her. I just thought it would turn around and see a better, more terrified target and I can't say it would be wrong. It was embarrassing, to the boatmen, my friends, my boyfriend, to the island of Boracay and to the small sea snake who probably was more afraid of me than I of it.

So this blog, is not really a meaty travel blog. I'd call it lakwatsa blog. I might not be able to give useful information to anyone looking for some. I could write some tips I learned from the trip which I hope would be of use to someone. This blog is just to share. Kwentuhan lang, ganun (Something like having a chat). I wanted to write about places I've been to, while I still remember details from it. Post some pictures and remember what I thought about it. A continuous essay, you might say. Some people might enjoy it, some might fall asleep. But this is more for me. To write about things and places I was able to see and experience. Big deal stuff for a scaredy cat like me, might not be as WOW to seasoned adventurers. I know there's a demographic for scaredy cats that want to try, well, I hope so. Umamin kayo (Admit it!). Hahaha.

So there. Let's look at it as story-telling. Would remove the pressure on me. LOL.

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